Favorite Rods-Will they be your next favourite?

1 comment by Chris Huskilson
To say that I am a fishing rod enthusiast is an understatement. I own far more rods than anyone could possibly need and I take quality, sensitivity and performance VERY seriously. I have spent far more money than I care to mention on my collection over the years. But I need to talk about an exceptional rod I have given a shot over the past few weeks. A rod that most certainly did not break the bank at $169CDN. This is a rod that performs extremely well, if not better than a number of rods that I have spent well over $500 for.
After much internal debate I decided it was time to give one of these rods a shot. I’ve heard good things, held a few in person, and quite frankly could not understand how a stick that felt so good could be priced so well. The rod I settled on is a Defender LDFRC-731ex.H. A 7’3” extra fast Heavy Action. This is a rod I felt like I could use for ‘in-tight’ flipping/pitching and possibly frogging.
I have now owned this rod for two weeks and have given it a thorough workout in both applications highlighted above . To say I am impressed, especially given the price point, would be an understatement. This rod is light, sensitive and very powerful. Not to mention it really does feel and perform like a much more expensive piece of fishing equipment. Additionally, every Favorite rod comes standard with a custom rod cover and a one year warranty.
The Defender, by Favorite Fishing, was designed for the everyday fisherman as well as tournament anglers alike.  Tough enough to be tossed in the truck and boat, but sensitive and powerful enough to feel the softest bite and land trophy Bass. From the carbon fiber graphite blend rod blank, to a machined aluminum reel seat lock.  This rod feels and performs right alongside its competition and is nearly a third of the cost.
If you haven’t tried one, you should. Your money will be well spent.
Chris Huskilson

1 comment

  • Gerry Lambert

    I am very interested in this rod but can it hold up to topwater bite? I have broken off a ton of med/heavy rods and have switched to heavy acyion. I never break rods accidentally but always in hooksets. Gerry

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