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Googan Baits Bandito BugGoogan Baits Bandito Bug
Googan BaitsGoogan Baits Bandito Bug
Sale price$9.89 CAD

15 colors available

Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20
Reaction InnovationsReaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20
Sale price$8.99 CAD

35 colors available

Googan Baits Trench HawgGoogan Baits Trench Hawg
Googan BaitsGoogan Baits Trench Hawg
Sale price$9.89 CAD

10 colors available

Gary Yamamoto 4" Fat IkaGary Yamamoto 4" Fat Ika
Gary YamamotoGary Yamamoto 4" Fat Ika
Sale price$12.99 CAD

10 colors available

The Perfect ChunkThe Perfect Chunk
The Perfect JigThe Perfect Chunk
Sale price$5.99 CAD

7 colors available

Reaction Innovations Kinky BeaverReaction Innovations Kinky Beaver
Reaction InnovationsReaction Innovations Kinky Beaver
Sale price$8.49 CAD

11 colors available

Berkley Powerbait MaxScent Creature HawgBerkley Powerbait MaxScent Creature Hawg
BerkleyBerkley Powerbait MaxScent Creature Hawg
Sale price$9.99 CAD

10 colors available

Reaction Innovations Double Wide Beaver 5.20Reaction Innovations Double Wide Beaver 5.20
Jackall ArchelonJackall Archelon
JackallJackall Archelon
Sale price$7.19 CAD

8 colors available

Z-Man Billy GOATZ-Man Billy GOAT
Sale price$5.99 CAD

10 colors available

Reaction Innovations Man Bear PigReaction Innovations Man Bear Pig
Reaction InnovationsReaction Innovations Man Bear Pig
Sale price$8.49 CAD

8 colors available

Deps Bull FlatDeps Bull Flat
DepsDeps Bull Flat
Sale priceFrom $14.49 CAD

31 colors available

Nikko OctopusNikko Octopus
NikkoNikko Octopus
Sale priceFrom $8.99 CAD

15 colors available

Sold out
Gary Yamamoto CowboyGary Yamamoto Cowboy
Gary YamamotoGary Yamamoto Cowboy
Sale price$10.99 CAD

4 colors available

Nories Front Flapper CurlyNories Front Flapper Curly
NoriesNories Front Flapper Curly
Sale price$11.99 CAD

6 colors available

O.S.P Dolive Beaver 4"O.S.P Dolive Beaver 4"
O.S.PO.S.P Dolive Beaver 4"
Sale price$11.99 CAD

18 colors available

Geecrack Bunny HogGeecrack Bunny Hog
GeecrackGeecrack Bunny Hog
Sale price$12.49 CAD

13 colors available

O.S.P Dolive Beaver 3"O.S.P Dolive Beaver 3"
O.S.PO.S.P Dolive Beaver 3"
Sale price$11.99 CAD

16 colors available

O.S.P Dolive Beaver 3.5"O.S.P Dolive Beaver 3.5"
O.S.PO.S.P Dolive Beaver 3.5"
Sale price$11.99 CAD

18 colors available

Geecrack BaobabGeecrack Baobab
GeecrackGeecrack Baobab
Sale price$12.49 CAD

12 colors available

Geecrack BurglarGeecrack Burglar
GeecrackGeecrack Burglar
Sale price$12.49 CAD

2 colors available

Imakatsu Flat Head CurlyImakatsu Flat Head Curly
ImakatsuImakatsu Flat Head Curly
Sale price$19.99 CAD
Imakatsu Flat Head Goby
ImakatsuImakatsu Flat Head Goby
Sale price$19.49 CAD

1 color available

O.S.P SS Gill 3.6"O.S.P SS Gill 3.6"
O.S.PO.S.P SS Gill 3.6"
Sale price$11.99 CAD

9 colors available