Chaos Tackle 6.75" Mini X

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Chaos Tackle 6.75" Mini X

The  6.75" Mini X is a hand crafted cedar lure that can effectively be twitched, cranked, or trolled. it coms standard with a durable aluminum lip. The tight swimming action of the 6.75" Mini is irresistible to game fish. Sealed, hand painted, and two coats of hand brushed epoxy makes all Custom X Lures not only beautiful but also makes them extremely durable. 6.75" Mini X come standard with three 2/0 Premium Black Trident Treble Hooks.

Length 6.75" Weight 2.6oz

Twitch 2' to 5' deep                                                                                                                  

Crank to 6' deep

Trolling to 9' deep

Trolls up to 6mph with aluminum lip