Megabass i-Brake

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Megabass i-Brake

Main Specification

Length 160.0mm
Weight 1.1/4oz.
Type Slow Floating
Other Hook : #2 x 2pcs (Teaser Hook)

    Innovative concept swimbait i-BRAKE adds a new “pause” method to an already storied arsenal.

    Carefully designed braking fins create water resistance to allow for nearly instantaneous braking action, adding a dynamic pause to traditional swimming swimbait action.

    Braking fin compresses during the retrieve to permit natural swimming action.

    Tail is crafted from super-soft Elastomer material for stable, enticing action in slow and fast retrieves. Tail vibrations are transmitted to the body for a sultry wobble and roll-swimming action.

    i-Brake’s new dynamic pausing method will trigger those monster fish that are uninspired by traditional swim and stay action.