Nishine Lure Works Smelt Head

Nishine Lure Works Smelt Head

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Nishine Lure Works Smelt Head

Hook Size: #2/0 OWNER 90 Degree Jig Hook- 33              

                   #4/0 Gamakatsu's 90-degree Jig Hook

Quantity:  2 Smeltheads/Pack

Product Point

1. Suitable for both vertical & cast fishing

2. it keeps an ideal horizontal attitude when fishing vertically.

3. When casting, it swims headed down posture which makes easier to keep  

    depth. Even when it swims with hitting the bottom, the slightly raised tail  

    creates live tail action.

4. The long nose tip works as the role of crankbait lip and avoid snagging and  

   slim shape can avoid stuck in rocks.

5. Trailer keeper in pursuit of the hold performance of the trailer.