X Zone Original Slammer

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X-Zone Original Slammer

The X Zone Slammer is a 100% true hand-poured bait!  X Zone’s specialized hand-pouring process delivers a soft textured salt impregnated bait with unmatched quality and action.  The Slammer’s unique shape, action, and incredible hatch matching colors allow it to mimic a wide variety of forage from minnows, shad, shiners to sculpin, gobies, and leeches.  The X Zone Slammer can be used on a variety of rigs, including Drop-shot, Shakeyhead, Football Heads, Darter Heads, Split-shots, and more!

X Zone Lures had its start in the northern lakes with numerous tournament wins and anglers crushing huge smallmouth bass.  The Slammer family has not only expanded throughout the USA and Canada as a go to bait for Largemouth and Smallmouth anglers but has also in the Walleye circuits as well.   Whether you are a tournament fisherman, weekend warrior or an occasional angler the X Zone Slammer series is a must for your tackle box.

Product Description:

  • Comes in a pack of 8
  • 4" in size 

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